Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Fukushima Tomioka the abandoned city

Fukushima Tomioka the abandoned city from HEXaMedia on Vimeo.

Spring of third time came the big earthquake in Japan in 2011 , from a large tsunami .
Large area that has been badly destroyed by the tsunami , are recovering little by little by the unremitting efforts .
But , the sad thing .
The Fukushima , area that is determined to be uninhabitable now exists .
Regional and you can not get at all by the height of the value of the radiation ,
Entry of a little is allowed , but is the area that can not be living there , there .
Such residence restricted areas , in Tomioka town, Fukushima Prefecture .
Famous cherry trees are in full bloom in the beauty that is not the same as before the earthquake as a showplace .
But the shadow of the people should get together happily under it , not now .
But , I'm sure , some day . Surely , people will go back to his hometown that was lost after a ...... decades or years .
Put away clean one day , the scars of the tsunami that can not tamper with , it will gather under the cherry now .
To put a requiem , a hope for the future .
HEXaMedia Katsuya Katsuya Noguchi Noguchi

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